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Opus Publica is a public policy research and publication network that runs academic journals on public policy, providing research and publishing services to academic and corporate sectors. Opus Publica is affiliated with the Advocacy Unified Network - AUN. Most Opus Publica journals are published biannually (January and July) and operate through the peer review process. We have separate editorial teams in each journal, so please visit the relevant journal to find out information about the editorial team members of that specific journal.


  • Nepal Policy Watch

    Advocacy Unified Network – AUN, international public policy research, and advocacy organization headquartered in the Hague, conducted research and analysis of Nepal’s general policies, including economics, trade and commerce, politics, governance, international relations, geopolitics, art, and culture. The objective of this project is to analyze the public policies of Nepal to assess the future development graph of Nepal. This is particularly important for AUN to identify the critical strategies for supporting Nepal’s SDG achievement.

    AUN analyzes the development process of Nepal through the initiative.

  • Cyber Diplomacy

    Knowing that international affairs are becoming increasingly more complex, the United Nations created the International Day of Diplomacy in 2012 to help encourage practical and innovative thinking on the part of diplomats and governments to foster an environment conducive to diplomatic relations on the global stage. What does this mean for today’s world? It means there has never been a greater need for international cooperation and understanding among nations – which could not be achieved without Cyber-diplomacy.

    What do social media, transnational corporations, and the United Nations have in common? They are all primary contributors to a new type of diplomacy – one that takes place in the digital realm. In today’s interconnected world, where commerce has no borders and social issues affect everyone differently, cyber-diplomacy has become one of the most potent forces affecting international society. What is Cyber-diplomacy? How does Cyber-diplomacy impact the global community? What is the necessity of Cyber-diplomacy in the digital age? We will address these questions below.