About the Journal

The Journal of Conflict and Peace Studies (JCPS) is a journal under the Opus Publica, which is a public policy journal system of Advocacy Unified Network. The JCPS is a platform for scholars and experts from different fields to explore the causes, effects, and regulations of conflicts worldwide. The journal aims to publish research articles, reviews, and commentaries on conflict and peace studies from diverse perspectives.

The editorial team of JCPS is led by the editor, Mr. Arindam Bhattacharya, and the managing director, Dr. Rajendran Govendar. Mr. Bhattacharya is a renowned scholar in the field of international relations, specializing in conflict and peace studies. He has several publications to his credit and has been associated with various academic and research institutions. Dr. Govendar, on the other hand, brings his extensive experience in policy research and advocacy to the team. Together, they aim to make JCPS a leading journal in the field of conflict and peace studies, providing valuable insights and analysis to scholars, policymakers, and the general public.