About the Journal

Voice & Rights: A Journal on Democracy and Civil Liberties of Opus Publica is a peer-reviewed publication that focuses on issues related to democracy, civil rights, and social justice. The journal provides a platform for scholars, activists, policymakers, and practitioners to engage in critical conversations and debates on various topics related to democracy and civil liberties. Some of the themes covered in the journal include electoral politics, citizen participation, civil rights movements, freedom of expression, access to justice, and human rights. The journal seeks to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges facing democracies worldwide and promote the protection of civil liberties.

The editor of Voice & Rights is Mr. Arindam Bhattacharya, who has extensive experience in the field of public policy and civil liberties. He is a renowned scholar and researcher who has published widely on issues related to democracy, governance, and civil rights. Dr. Rajendran Govendar is the editorial team's managing director and oversees the journal's overall operations. Dr. Govendar is a well-known expert in the field of public policy and has served in various leadership positions in government and civil society organizations. Together, they lead a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who ensure the highest standards of quality and integrity in the journal's publications.