Vol. 1 No. 03 (2024): Judicial Verdicts and Democracy

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The issue "Judicial Verdicts and Democracy" explores the complex interplay between judicial decisions and the principles of democracy within diverse socio-political contexts. In this issue, scholars, activists, policymakers, and practitioners engage in critical conversations and debates on the role of judicial verdicts in shaping democratic governance, civil liberties, and social justice.

The issue delves into the socio-economic dimensions of judicial verdicts and their implications for democratic institutions, citizen participation, and the protection of civil rights. It examines how judicial decisions intersect with electoral politics, freedom of expression, access to justice, and human rights, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities facing democracies worldwide.

Contributors to this issue analyze the impact of judicial rulings on the rule of law, institutional transparency, and public trust in legal systems. They explore the dynamics of judicial activism, judicial independence, and the balance of powers within democratic frameworks, offering insights into the evolving landscape of democratic governance.

Through empirical analysis, theoretical reflection, and interdisciplinary dialogue, this issue aims to foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding judicial verdicts and their relationship to democracy. It provides a platform for critical inquiry and informed debate, advancing discourse on the intersections of law, society, and governance in the pursuit of democratic ideals and civil liberties.

As part of the Voice and Rights Journal of Opus Publica, this issue contributes to the journal's mission of promoting dialogue and scholarship on issues related to democracy, civil rights, and social justice. It seeks to stimulate intellectual inquiry, inspire advocacy, and catalyze positive change in pursuit of a more just, equitable, and democratic world.

Published: 2024-03-18


  • The Socio-Economic Impact of Judicial Verdicts A Comparative Analysis

    Arindam Bhattacharya
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.62692/vr.v1i03.5