About Opus Publica

Who we are

Welcome to Opus Publica, a distinguished public policy research and publication network affiliated with Advocacy Unified Network. At Opus Publica, we are dedicated to advancing Global Goals through our high-quality research and publishing services. Our mission is to provide policymakers, scholars, and practitioners with valuable insights and evidence-based analysis to address our time's complex social, economic, and environmental challenges.


Opus Publica is committed to fostering rigorous public policy research and advocacy to inform and shape policies that contribute to sustainable development, social justice, and inclusive growth. We strive to be a leading platform for disseminating knowledge and facilitating dialogue among researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.


Our vision is to become a trusted global hub for public policy research, recognized for our commitment to excellence, ethical practices, and impact-oriented publications. We aim to empower policymakers, scholars, and practitioners with research-driven solutions and innovative ideas to tackle pressing global issues and achieve the Global Goals.


Opus Publica was founded in 2023 to establish a network of public policy journals that would catalyze positive change. Over the years, we have grown into a vibrant community of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners who share a common goal of addressing the world's most pressing challenges through evidence-based policy research.

Our Network:

Opus Publica operates a diverse range of public policy journals, covering key areas such as international business, trade and finance, environmental policy, international relations, politics and cooperation mechanisms, civil rights, labour, migration and trafficking issues, art and culture, peace and conflict studies and more. Each journal focuses on fostering research excellence, providing a platform for scholars to share their insights, and facilitating constructive debates among stakeholders.

Open-Access Publishing:

At Opus Publica, we are committed to open-access publishing, ensuring that our research is freely available to all, regardless of geographical location or financial resources. We believe in the power of knowledge dissemination and the importance of making research accessible to policymakers, scholars, and the public worldwide.

Professionalism and Ethics:

A team of experienced professionals passionate about public policy research and advocacy leads our network. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct in all our endeavours. We work closely with authors, reviewers, and editors to ensure that our publications adhere to rigorous standards and contribute to advancing public policy knowledge.

Join Us:

We invite researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to join our network of journals, share their expertise, and contribute to the global conversation on public policy. Together, we can drive positive change, foster sustainable development, and shape a better future for all.

We appreciate your interest in Opus Publica. We look forward to your active participation and collaboration in our mission to create a more equitable and sustainable world through evidence-based policy research and advocacy.