Journals of Opus Publica

Opus Publica is proud to publish a diverse range of high-quality journals covering many public policy topics. Our journals serve as platforms for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to contribute their insights, promote evidence-based analysis, and engage in meaningful discussions. We are committed to providing a forum for rigorous academic research and thought-provoking perspectives on pressing global issues. Here is a list of the journals published by Opus Publica:

CyberSec Journal

This journal is dedicated to cybersecurity policy, technology, and governance. It examines the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, strategies, and regulations to foster a safe and secure digital environment.

Migration Matters: Journal of International Labour and Human Trafficking

This journal focuses on migration, labour mobility, and human trafficking, addressing these global challenges and policy implications.

The World Trade and Finance Journal

This journal explores international trade, finance, and economic policies. It analyzes the impact of globalization, trade agreements, and financial systems on economies worldwide.

EcoLaw Journal: Environmental Law and Global Concerns

This journal delves into environmental law, policy, and sustainability, examining the legal frameworks and practices needed to address environmental challenges and promote global well-being.

Global Perspectives on Politics and Diplomacy

A journal that critically examines political systems, diplomatic relations, and international governance. It provides a platform for insightful analysis and discourse on global political issues.

Voice & Rights: A Journal on Democracy and Civil Liberties

This journal explores democracy, human rights, and civil liberties, focusing on the principles and practices that underpin free and inclusive societies.

Expressions: A Journal of Art and Culture

This journal is dedicated to exploring art, culture, and their intersections with public policy. It showcases the role of artistic expression in shaping societies and fostering dialogue.

The Journal of Conflict and Peace Studies

This journal addresses conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and post-conflict reconstruction issues. It examines the dynamics of conflicts and strategies for sustainable peace.


Each journal follows a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality and integrity of the published articles. We welcome contributions from researchers, scholars, and practitioners worldwide who are passionate about advancing public policy research and promoting evidence-based solutions.

Please visit the respective journal's webpage for more information about each journal, including submission guidelines and recent publications. We encourage you to explore our journals' wealth of knowledge and diverse perspectives.

Opus Publica is committed to fostering intellectual exchange and developing sound public policies addressing global challenges. We invite you to engage with our journals, submit your research, and be part of the vibrant community of scholars and practitioners working towards a better future.

Please note that the list of journals published by Opus Publica is subject to expansion and modification as we continue to broaden our scope and address emerging policy areas.