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Migration Matters: Journal of International Labour and Human Trafficking is a publication of Opus Publica, a public policy journal system managed by Advocacy Unified Network. The journal seeks to advance understanding of labour migration and human trafficking issues, exploring the political, social, economic, and legal dimensions of these complex problems.

The editor of Migration Matters is Ms. Chidinma Adebayo, who brings a wealth of experience in migration research and policy. She has worked with various international organizations and published several migration-related articles. The managing director of the editorial team is Dr. Rajendran Govendar, a seasoned researcher and policy expert with extensive experience in public policy and social development.

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Vol. 1 No. I (2023): Migration, Security Threats, and Human Rights
Migration, Security Threats and Human RIghts

This instalment of Migration Matters explores migration, security, and human rights. We examine modern migration's causes and effects in this issue. This issue emphasises human rights protection and examines migration's relationship to security issues like terrorism, transnational crime, and violent extremism.

This course examines national and international responses to migration-related security challenges. These articles examine the general usefulness of these programmes and specific aspects of migrants' rights and well-being, such as the sanctuary, protection from discrimination and exploitation, and integration into host communities.

Using a variety of theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence, this issue's essays illuminate the complicated relationship between migration, security, and human rights. It exposes policymakers' and practitioners' concerns and presents solutions to these critical issues.

Migration Matters, a peer-reviewed publication, publishes original research, insightful analysis, and practical solutions to advance academic and policy discussions of migration. Researchers, policymakers, and advocates will find this issue, "Migration, Security Threats, and Human Rights," useful for understanding the complex relationship between migration, security, and human rights in the modern world.

Published: 2023-06-08

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